Our Sustainable Products & Services

Ocean Waste Plastic

We offer varied products made from ocean bound plastic from the locations regulated by GPS co-ordinates.

Ocean Fishing Net

Similar to the ocean waste plastics , we also offer the products made from discarded or end of life fishing nets .

Used Rubber Tyres

These products are made from the end of life tyres collected by our partner and transformed into the tyre powder or granules

Apple Skin

Another step towards sustainability using the natural products like apple skin. We also offer grape , banana and pineapple skin products.

Transparent Bio Plastic

This transparent plastic is made from the bio source such as castor oil. This is best used for products requiring high levels of transparency.

Rice Husk

We use natural products like rice husk mixed with bio plastic to create wide range of ecological products suited for various industries.

Recycled Steel

We are using the recycled metals to create eco sustainable products . These are sourced locally where the products are made.

“Original and with an innate understanding of their customer’s needs, the team at Watch4Green are always a pleasure to work with.”

Sandra Müller


Watch 4 Green is a young and dynamic company which has taken a pledge to contribute to save the environment by providing sustainable solutions

We do this by doing extensive research and testing on different materials which has huge impact on reducing the carbon footprint and  proposing our customers and partners advise , products and services which contribute to their sustainable goals.


Whether you’re curious about our products , services, or even advise, we’re here to answer any questions.